Woodpecker Spring 2 2022-2023

Our exciting theme this half term is called ô là! là! Click on the red button below to discover the objectives the children will be covering and the previous objectives they would have covered in Year Three.


Click on the blue button below to find out what key vocabulary and sticky knowledge the children will acquire.


ô là! là! Objectives Covered


ô là! là!


In English we are going to be reading a wonderful story called Varjak Paw by S F Said. Once the children have finished the book and developed a deep understanding, they might like to read the sequel, The Outlaw of Varjak Paw.

The children will continue writing stories this half term with a big focus on developing the problem, resolution and end to a story.

Later on this half term, the children will learn to write brilliant recounts from a character's perspective. 



This half term in maths we will be covering a small unit all about length and perimeter. After that, we will move on to explore fractions. Click on the buttons below to find out some useful information about these two units.

Length and Perimeter