We see all learners and potential learners, and their parents, as of equal value, regardless of any protected characteristic. Our policies, procedures and activities will not discriminate but must nevertheless take account of differences in life-experience, outlook and background, and in the kinds of barriers and disadvantages which people may face in relation to any protected characteristic.

The school will:

  • Promote race equality and have due regard to eliminating unlawful racial discrimination, promoting equality of opportunity and good relations between people of different racial groups.
  • Promote disability equality, ensuring equality of opportunity, eliminating unlawful discrimination and disability-related harassment and encouraging participation by disabled people in public life.
  • Promote gender equality by eliminating unlawful discrimination and harassment, and promote the equality of opportunity amongst individuals of all genders.

For more information, please read our Equality Information and Objectives Policy here.

Please see our Equality Objectives Action Plan for 2023-24 here.