Spring 1

Our theme this half term is called Light it Up!

Light it Up! Light it Up!





This year and previous years' learningThis year and previous years' learning objectives








Using Talk 4 Writing we will explore the structure of a portal story called Elf Road by Pie Corbett. We will then write our own portal stories and really try to develop the beginning and build up to the story. We will select nouns and adjectives carefully and use similes to help the reader imagine. Not only that, we will write in paragraphs making sure we use well punctuated longer and shorter sentences for effect. Our narrative writing will also require us to learn to use speech marks brilliantly. Later on in the half term, we will be learning to really develop these skills to write a fabulous resolution and end to a story. 

Book Recommendation

If you would like to read a funny, heart-warming story at home with your child I would really recommend Danny Chang does not do Maths by Maisie Chan. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


In mathematics we will be deepening our understanding of multiplication and division. We will find factor pairs and factors of numbers. We will multiply and divide by 10 and 100 as well as use more formal methods to multiply and divide a three digit number by a one digit number. 

Multiplication and DivisionMultiplication and Division