Woodpecker Summer 1


This half term we will be reading a wonderful book written by Michael Morpurgo called ‘The Butterfly Lion.’ The children will be learning skills so they can predict and summarise what they read brilliantly. Not only that, the children will read a range of non-fiction and poetry including songs. We will be retrieving information about what we read, making inferences as well as considering the author’s intent. It is always a joy to listen to children discuss what they read and give their own personal opinion.

In writing we will exploring recounts. As the half term progresses the children will recap on writing skills they have learnt up to this point in their school career. They will then select the skills they think they will need to independently write for a particular purpose. Several pieces of their writing will be collected and this will help to make a judgment on where each child is at, at this moment in time in their journey as a writer.


Our theme for this half term is called 'Our Planet.' To find out the vocabulary we would like the children understand and use as well as the key sticky facts please click on the button below.


Our Planet



 In maths this half term the children will deepen their understanding of decimals. They will explore decimal numbers which include tenths and hundredths. They will then use their decimal knowledge when exploring money.